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My New Asian Home

Sometimes, I thought the travel would never end. The flights, the layovers, the waiting and the hoping. But finally, after 30+ hours of travel…we arrived. It was April 1st, a fool’s day to some, but a landmark to us. This dream had become reality. Since our grand adventure last year, we had been taking steps… Continue reading My New Asian Home

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Top 5 Things I’m Excited for Life in Asia

Next week, we leave for Southeast Asia, our new home. It feels surreal and so close. We’ve been preparing for awhile, and now we it’s almost here. We have a week left in America, and in addition to packing, organizing and hanging out with family & friends, I’ve been processing what exactly I’m most excited about… Continue reading Top 5 Things I’m Excited for Life in Asia

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Season of Changes

I’m a Florida girl living in a snow globe. My Michigan husband has brought me home for the month of March to visit with family & friends before our big move to Asia. When we left Florida it was 75F, and it is now averaging 20F in Michigan. My blood is far too thin for… Continue reading Season of Changes

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My Search for the Perfect Travel Camera Bag

It's a new year, vacation is over, so it's back to reality. My reality this month is focused on transitioning my life overseas, as my husband and I are moving to Southeast Asia pretty soon. One of the first things on my to-do list is to choose the perfect travel camera bag. Currently, we have… Continue reading My Search for the Perfect Travel Camera Bag

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Packing & Repacking

I consider myself a bit of a packing wizard. We traveled 8 weeks in Europe just in carry-on luggage, and now we are doing the same thing though Southeast Asia. I wrote a few blog posts at the beginning of our trip about my packing strategy and plans. Now, 6 months later, looking back on… Continue reading Packing & Repacking

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Travel and YOUR Happiness

I'm a bit of a research geek. I love reading and I love surveys. So I was really intrigued when I recently ran across the results of this travel survey done by G Adventures travel company that showed travel as more important to people's happiness than even marriage & family. Now, don't get me wrong,… Continue reading Travel and YOUR Happiness


40 Countries Before 40

Clearly, I love to travel. I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Bali, Indonesia, which happens to be the 21st country that I've visited. Travel is always something I’ve enjoyed. From family vacations when I was growing up to the exotic destinations my husband and I visit now, it’s part of me. I love to… Continue reading 40 Countries Before 40

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Traveling Light:: Part 6 – Extras

Finding room for all the extra stuff that makes traveling more comfortable can be a struggle. Especially when you are flying carry-on, and each inch of space is essential. So I'm always narrowing down my extras to only the essentials. What's essential for you, may not be essential for me. But these are extra essentials!.… Continue reading Traveling Light:: Part 6 – Extras