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My Search for the Perfect Travel Camera Bag

It’s a new year, vacation is over, so it’s back to reality. My reality this month is focused on transitioning my life overseas, as my husband and I are moving to Southeast Asia pretty soon. One of the first things on my to-do list is to choose the perfect travel camera bag.

Currently, we have a Kata Bumblebee DL-210 Backpack, which is a really good travel bag, but it’s not really convenient for a day of a photography. I like packing the camera in it when we fly, but I don’t use it when I want to shoot for the day. I think keeping it in a backpack makes the camera less accessible. I shoot on a Panasonic GH3 and have 2 lenses, a 20mm and 14-140mm. I’d also carry a Rode mic and a lapel for occasional videos/interviews. My rig isn’t huge, so I don’t need a massive DSLR bag.

So really what I’m looking for is a good, accessible camera day bag. I like the messenger style, but not one that looks too much like an expensive camera bag inviting thieves to rob me. After doing extensive research, here’s what I’ve narrowed down to my top three!

1. Koolertron Canvas Shoulder Bag


I like this bag because of the style and the price. It’s around $50, which is good for my meager budget. But I’m not sure about the quality. Some reviews have described it as cheap, and I don’t want to deal with a camera bag falling apart when I’m on the other side of the world. But I really like the look of this one.

2. Domke F-5XB Shoulder and Belt Ruggedwear Bag


This bag gets great reviews for quality and durability, which I like.  And it’s a good price too. But I’m not wild about this style though. It’s a little man-ish. While my husband will probably carry the bag at some point, I want it to be cute! But it’s on my list anyway!

3. ONA Bowery Camera Bag


I love this bag too. It’s a great style and is great quality. Reviews for this bag are almost always a rave, and I know I’d probably love it if I got it. It’s a just a little pricy. I know I have to pay more for good quality, but I don’t just want to pay for more a brand name. Again I’m torn.

So those are my top 3 choices. However, we got a little creative with our camera bag dreaming, and we came up with another alternative altogether. Amazon has these great camera bag shells that are just the foam dividers that can be inserted into any bag, whether it’s messenger bag, a backpack or even a suitcase. It would keep my camera protected while being the most versatile. There’s a million sizes for these, and they are incredibly affordable, and get great quality reviews. Then I can get backpack or tote that I want and know my camera will be secure & accessible inside. Such as a totally awesome Herschel bag.

So those are my options! Do you have a travel camera back that you love? Have you used one of these and can share your wisdom? Let me know you think in the comments below. I’ll post my final purchases once I get it altogether.

3 thoughts on “My Search for the Perfect Travel Camera Bag”

  1. I like the Amazon shells you mention. The ones I had got worn out. Now I have a LowePro messenger style Urban Reporter that has removable inset. Good for larger stuff. You cannot have too many camera carrying options!


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