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My New Asian Home

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Sometimes, I thought the travel would never end. The flights, the layovers, the waiting and the hoping. But finally, after 30+ hours of travel…we arrived.

It was April 1st, a fool’s day to some, but a landmark to us. This dream had become reality. Since our grand adventure last year, we had been taking steps to prepare for this move into the unknown. And now, with only our checked luggage, we moved.

It took awhile for it to feel real. The drive to the airport, the farewells, the boarding of the plane, and even our first layover still felt normal. Just another flight. I guess it only feels real now in the looking back. We live here now.

Thankfully, friends we had made last year put us up for our first few weeks. We’ve had a place to stay and a temporary home. But we are anxious to find a place of our own. In putting down roots, you have to have a home.

But that will come later. For now, I’m just happy to be here. To be in Asia. To have made the move. And am excited about adventures to come!

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