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Season of Changes

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I’m a Florida girl living in a snow globe. My Michigan husband has brought me home for the month of March to visit with family & friends before our big move to Asia. When we left Florida it was 75F, and it is now averaging 20F in Michigan. My blood is far too thin for this weather. I don’t own the right clothes. I don’t understand how to live in the snow…snow blowers, ice scrapers, salt trucks are all new things to me. To say that I am in the middle of a season of change is an understatement.

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Our move to Asia is under a month away, and we’ve been in the midst of preparations. In the past 6 weeks, we have sold our “home” [it was a 32-foot camper]. We sold our 2 cars. We got rid of clothes, shoes, kitchen accessories, furniture, books, DVD’s, and SO MUCH MORE. We got international driving permits. We passed our motorcycle certification [because, Asia]. We got visas to enter our new country. We packed up our Florida lives into checked luggage, two 50-pound bags each, and 2 small carryons, and headed north.

With less than 30 days until our departure, our transition feels more real. Excitement and uncertainty constantly rise up within me. I can’t wait to begin life in Asia. I wonder how we will buy groceries. I’m looking forward to learning a new language. I am nervous about driving a scooter on the other side of the road. I am thrilled to live on a tropical island paradise. I will miss my family and friends terribly.

My life has been a series of changes for the past 5 years. I’ve really stopped planning more than 6 months in advance. People that make 10 year plans completely baffle me. But this move to Asia, with a minimum of 2 years committed, could be the start of a lifetime change. This month could realistically be my last time LIVING in America. Whoa.

When that thought terrifies me the core, I remember why we are going. Its bigger than me, and it’s bigger than where I call home. I’m going for truth, justice, love, hope, and grace. And that feels just right.

I’m intentionally not naming the country we will be living in, but feel free to email me at to find out more about our move!

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