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My Indonesian Home Makeover Part 7: Making a Nest for Baby Bird

If there was one room I was most excited to put together when we moved, it was our baby girl’s room. Before we knew her name, her gender or her face, we called her Baby Travel Bug, because this was going to be a baby on the go! Before she was even born, we stayed… Continue reading My Indonesian Home Makeover Part 7: Making a Nest for Baby Bird

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Surviving [and Loving] Overseas Flights With a Baby

Looking back, this is probably one of the easiest ages to fly with a child. I didn’t have to worry about kid friendly snacks or drinks. At almost four months old, all she does is breastfeed. I didn’t have to plan out hours of entertainment. She still can sleep for hours or be entertained very… Continue reading Surviving [and Loving] Overseas Flights With a Baby

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Baby’s First Flight

Now that we have a baby, travel will never look the same. Gone are the days of budget airlines and carry-on only. At least for awhile. If I’ve learned anything in the few short months of being mom it’s that everything takes more time than expected. From leaving the house to accomplishing a simple errand,… Continue reading Baby’s First Flight

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Hello World, Meet Baby Travel Bug

After 9 long months [but really more like 10] of waiting and praying and laboring, we are so excited to welcome our daughter into the world. She's already quite the world traveler, having visited 5 countries while in the womb. We chose to have her in our home country of America with family and friends… Continue reading Hello World, Meet Baby Travel Bug

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Laying Over in Seoul & Narita Pt. 1

On our last trip from Indonesia to America, we had booked a crazy flight combination. We pieced together a few routes and ended up with a super cheap flight with two long layover in countries we hadn’t yet visited. I was so excited to explore Seoul and Tokyo on these layovers. I love planning trips… Continue reading Laying Over in Seoul & Narita Pt. 1

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Portrait of a Mother-To-Be

I confess, blogging has taken a backseat to this pregnancy of mine. Not because it's been a hard pregnancy, but because my brain and my heart have been focused elsewhere. But I did want to share these stunning maternity photos my husband & I had taken once arriving back in the US. Our good friend,… Continue reading Portrait of a Mother-To-Be