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My Indonesian Home Makeover Part 7: Making a Nest for Baby Bird

If there was one room I was most excited to put together when we moved, it was our baby girl’s room. Before we knew her name, her gender or her face, we called her Baby Travel Bug, because this was going to be a baby on the go! Before she was even born, we stayed in fourteen different places in six different countries. After she was born, we stayed in five different places in three countries before we rented this house for three years. She is the most adaptable and go with the flow baby, and I’m pretty sure it’s just in her DNA because it’s all she has known. But as great as being on the go can be, I was SO READY to settle for awhile. Unpack the suitcases and decorate a room. I wanted our little baby bird to have a nest of her own. We will have this home until she’s at least three and a half years old. This will be the first room she remembers. So I quickly began to focus my decorating, designing, and creativity towards creating a space where she would love to spend time. Here’s how it turned out.

Baby Room1

If I could instill only a few things in my daughter’s heart it would be a strong faith, a deep love for reading, and a sense of wonder about the world. Which is why there are an obsessive amount of maps in her room! The largest is this colorful wall decal, which is full of animals. She loves to look at this map and touch the different animals. It’s definitely a favorite in her room. On either side of the map, I hung Rifle Paper Company calendar prints. For the past couple years, I’ve been buying their travel themed calendar and then saving the images for decor. The beautiful prints provide another burst of color in my little girl’s space. Because her room is completely tiled, I wanted a softer space for her to play. Large carpets and rugs are more of a challenge to keep clean in our humid tropic climate. So I opted for these bright foam puzzle tiles! They provide just enough cushion for her newly acquired mobility. We don’t have a traditional crib for little miss, but instead use a travel crib for her bed. The Guava Lotus Travel Crib was a great purchase because it folds up so small and lightweight that we can take it with us when we are on the go.

Baby Room 2

By now you’ve probably noticed the flamingo theme in baby bird’s room. I think I decided on this as her room theme on a whim in Target a few weeks before she was born. I saw this shower curtain and thought my baby needs that in her room no matter where we live. It was probably pregnancy hormones, but when I pick a theme I really run with it! So I bought the shower curtain and the matching rug. I designed the wall canvases myself with some help from Creative Market.  I also picked a hanging growth chart that we can keep in our home as she grows up. As we may move around many times, this chart can come with us and track her growth along the way. [And living outside of America, I wanted to make sure it included centimeters, because well, that’s how most of the world measures height!]

Baby Room 3

I love these floating shelves that we had custom made from recycled wood here in Indonesia. They beautifully display some items sentimental items for baby girl. I also tried to create a little reading nook for us as she grows. I got a small bean bag chair to sit beside her books that we read on a daily basis.  I love reading so much, and while she seems to enjoy eating the books more than reading them, I know that I’m instilling values in her that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Processed with VSCO with k1 preset

We are embracing a bit of the local culture with baby girl’s toy baskets. These handmade bamboo baskets are a very common sight around Bali. The Balinese use them for everything from trash collection to carrying offerings to ceremonies. And conveniently they are the perfect size for our little one to reach into and pull out her favorite toys, as well as light enough to toss around when it’s empty. Our Balinese friends think it’s funny we use them in a baby’s room, but I find it a fun challenge to weave cultural elements in our home decor and design aesthetic.

Baby Room 4

I talked about these DIY popsicle stick shelves on a past blog post, but I just had to display them again, because I’m obsessed with them…and so is she! We say hi to the shelves every morning. The stuffed flamingo is a favorite toy that we use every month to track her growth and the square prints were done by Artifact Uprising, my go-to print shop for all things photo! Including my own travel prints!

Baby Room 5

We bought the dresser locally, and it’s plastic which is great for keeping it clean! IKEA sells a very similar model of furniture, and I love the white surface with pops of color for the knobs. Another globe sits atop her dresser, this one an interactive Baby Einstein musical toy playing tunes from different cultures. The calendar is another Rifle Paper Company. Also, that flamingo LED lamp is the perfect nightlight for her room. I’m obsessed.

Baby Room 6

The wall canvas is another handmade item for her room, as I hand lettered out a beautiful statement from God’s Word about her life. Flamingos are again on center stage on the shelves with the Mingo the Flamingo storybook and the Flamingos Fly board book, both are favorites around here.

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While I’m talking about favorite reads around here, I have to mention a few of our repeats. Hello World! is a super colorful book with greetings from around the world. Baby girl loves all the bright colors and we read it multiple times a day.  Our Alice and Wonderland is a book of colors from the BabyLit series. Spoiler alert, it contains pink flamingos. This Little Trailblazer is an adorable collection of women’s accomplishments from around the world and throughout history. Even I’m learning about amazing women from this book! We also regularly enjoy our Jesus series books, from Jesus Loves the Little Children, to Jesus is With Me, to Jesus is Born [for Christmas], to Jesus is Alive [for Easter], and Jesus Loves Me, each of these books is written in a way that can be sung. A simple tune Like Jingle Bells or Row Row Row Your Boat provide the melody for the story on the pages. I love how simple yet truth filled these books. Plus baby girl loves a good song…no matter how bad my voice!

Processed with VSCO with k1 preset

One thing you may notice is missing is a changing table. That’s because we keep that in our master bathroom as baby girl is already toilet training through Elimination Communication. That way she can use the potty and get a diaper change in the same room!

So there’s a glimpse into our little baby bird’s nest.   I’m sure I’ll never really be done creating a space for her to play, to rest, to grow, and to learn. But I feel like this is a good start. A nest for her to spread her wings and learn to fly.

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