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My Indonesian Home Makeover Part 6: Door Day & Decor Details

Doors are an important part of any home. The ability to close, lock, and open them again are basic functions that every door should have. Not long after we moved into our new home, we realized that many of our doors did not function properly. It was so odd how many door issues we had, that we wondered how long our landlords had been living here with poorly functioning doors! We begin to do some research on how to fix these problems. So we hired another tukang to help work on these issues. The first door he fixed was the one from the house to the outdoor carport. He installed a new door handle allowing it to close and lock with confidence. Next, he fixed the baby’s room door because it also would not close and latch properly. Then he moved onto the door to the laundry area where he had to install half of a new frame as well as a new handle to allow it to close properly. Then he fixed the door from the car port to the laundry area by adding an entire handle and lock which previously it did not have. He then fixed the door from the master bedroom to the courtyard/kitchen because it was extremely loud when it opened. The final thing he did was add an entire brand new door to the master bathroom. Yes, we have this great master bedroom and bathroom, but the bathroom had no door. So just like the bathroom sink we decided to add one. Working on all of these doors took an entire day for the tukang and his team but it was well worth the effort and money to have the confidence that our doors can open and close properly. But now, weeks later, we are realizing that we still have problems! Will our door drama never end?

Also since the walls have been painted and we’re getting more furniture in the places that we want, I began to do some basic decorating. We brought in shelves and began to hang artwork and decorative elements around the house. As a travel photographer, one of the things I wanted in our home was some of my photography on display. We had three large canvases made with original photography from Indonesia. We also had floating shelves installed in the baby’s room and the guest room. This allowed for some fun decorative elements to help tie together the rooms’ decor. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working on hand lettering and brush lettering. In our new town, I finally found a local art supply store to purchase blank canvases. Using paint markers and/or paint brushes I begin to carefully create hand-lettered artwork for several of our rooms. I love decorating and creating simple personal touches for my home. Sure, I could go out and buy some perfectly designed artwork for my home but the act of creating art for the space where I live is so satisfying and rewarding. I hope that one day I can create alongside of my baby girl things for her room and the rest of our home.

Finding cute and or functional decorative elements is not as easy as going down to the local Target or ordering from Amazon. I have had to hunt and research to find the exact pieces that I wanted for each room. I even ended up painting a pineapple to better match the baby’s room. I love using washi tape, paper crafts, clipboards and photos in my decorating style. But probably my favorite piece of new crafting that I’ve done for the home so far has been the popsicle stick hexagon shelving. I found a simple tutorial on Pinterest and by purchasing a hot glue gun and popsicle sticks I have made eight little hexagon shelves for my home so far. And will probably be making more of these cute little wall hangings.

The house is really coming together and I can’t wait to finally post about rooms as they are finished. So stay tune for future posts. Follow me on Instagram for the latest updates in our home makeover project!

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