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Travel Bucket List 2019

It’s a new year, and that means new travel goals! Here’s a list of a few places that I’m hoping to check off this year!

New year new travels

Little by little, I am seeing more and more of Asia! I’m looking forward to finally getting to Taipei, Taiwan and experiencing a cool blend of culture and foods. Things I’m excited to do in Taiwan include getting to the top of Taipei 101 and traveling by cable car! I’ll get to see Taipei twice this year, as it’ll be a long layover on our way from Indonesia to the USA. Can’t wait!

USA: Chicago, Florida, Tennesse, Michigan
Home again! We get to spend 5 weeks in our home nation this year and it will be a whirlwind for sure. So far on the list is Chicago, Florida, Tennessee and Michigan. Between family and work commitments, we will be busy but I have a few restaurants and baby friendly attractions I’m hoping to visit once we are back on American soil. Maybe even a snow day for baby? But definitely lots of Chick-Fil-A!

Tampa, Florida

Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia
I’ve been to Bali’s neighboring island, Nusa Penida before, but it was in 2016. It was rough and rugged, beautiful and captivating. And since then, Nusa Penida has exploded onto the travel blogging/tourist scene. From what I can see, there are more hotels, restaurants, and better roads to the tourist spots. I loved Nusa Penida and have been wanting to go back. But I always thought it would be tough with a baby. But now with the newer infrastructure [which I recognize is still limited!] this could finally be the time to take her. Here’s hoping for a Nusa Penida family trip in 2019!

Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida


Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is another place which has really been popular on Instagram & travel blogs recently. Stunning beaches, epic train rides, wild animals, and gorgeous landscapes are just a few reasons why people are flocking to this island nation. I’d love to see these sites for myself and explore another part of Asia. Who else is with me? Sri Lanka for 2019!

Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia
Living in Indonesia is amazing for so many reasons, but one is the diversity of the country. Indonesia is so vast, it can feel like traveling to new countries all while staying in it’s borders. Raja Ampat is part of the Papuan province of Indonesia, as far east as you can go before running into Papua New Guinea. It could not be more different than crowded Muslim Java or chill Hindu Bali. Raja Ampat is famous for it’s diving & snorkeling, which sounds like the perfect Christmas 2019 getaway for our family. If I start planning now in January, maybe this trip will actually happen!


I love traveling and making lists and planning new trips. Each new year is a blank slate for new adventures. Where will this year take you?

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