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Where Did I Leave My Heels?

Out and about in Beijing has been quite enjoyable. What a busy, bustling city! We’ve seen the sights…the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square. I’m captivated by new sights, new smells and new tastes. And of course, as a female traveler, I’m always curious by the fashion in new cities. And Beijing has not disappointed. Bright colors, animated characters, wild designs, and creativity could describe the fashion I’ve seen here in China so far. But nothing could have prepared me for the footwear I’ve seen so far.


I’m a sensible girl, with a pair of good walking shoes and some cute boots for my 2 months here. I knew I’d be climbing the Great Wall, walking through city streets, and hiking countryside mountains. But Chinese women seem to have a different idea of sensible. They love their high heels. On the Great Wall, on their motorbikes, waiting for the bus or just walking the streets, it’s all about the heels. I’m pretty sure I would have twisted an ankle trying to navigate the crowded sidewalks of Beijing in a pair of stilettos. But not these ladies. They are champs. They get where they need to go, and in style. I just arrive in my “lazy shoes”.


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