China, Life in Asia

A Hard Night’s Sleep

20140203-150503.jpgThe trip here was quite a journey! An early morning flight out of Orlando to Chicago, followed by a delayed flight which resulted in a missed connection to Beijing. Stuck in Chicago with no hopes to make it to Beijing today, we scrambled to get a new flight. Thankfully, an hour later, we were rebooked on a different airline with a direct flight to Beijing leaving 8 hours later. Chicago O’Hare isn’t the worst airport to be stranded at, but I was happy to say goodbye and board my plane that evening. A blissfully uneventful flight put us in Beijing 14 hours later. After what felt like 36 hours of travel, I couldn’t wait to get to our hotel and fall into a warm, soft bed and sleep off the impending jet lag.


However, no such thing exists here in China. Welcome to land of rock hard beds. I’m pretty sure I’ve been sleeping on a box spring with a sheet. Lying for too long on my side or stomach could result in a bruise the next morning. But, hey, it’s great for back support! Not sure what this country has against soft beds, but it’s going to be quite the hard night’s sleep for the next 2 months in China.

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