China, Landmarks

One Great Wall

Traveled to the Great Wall recently, just outside of Beijing. What an amazing sight. I was in awe of the architecture of the place. To think about how long it has stood, and what it took to get there is just amazing. China has been that way for me. So much history with so many remains. In America, our oldest buildings can maybe be traced back to the 1600’s when colonists were settling in Virginia. But more likely, the 1700’s when our nation was forming it’s foundations. But China’s history literally dates back centuries. As we toured not just the Great Wall but also the Forbidden City where the past Emperor’s lived, my mind could hardly wrap around the time that has passed. That’s why I love traveling. To see the past intersect with the present. To remember a place’s history and see it’s future. China has so much history, and is rapidly becoming a large player in the world’s future. It is really an incredible place to experience.

IMG_0084 Temple Forbidden City

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