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Fifteen Photos to Inspire You to Visit Singapore

Singapore is a one of kind city/country. Nestled at the tail of of the Malay peninsula, Singapore has an identity all it’s own. It’s a culture collision, in the best way possible. Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern foods & places of worship blend seamlessly with European architecture and modern transportation and efficiency. It’s one of the rare places in Southeast Asia that I expect to catch a bus on time. Or travel by underground metro. Singapore is not just rich in culture, but also rich in wealth. One should adjust their budget to travel through Singapore after visiting nearby Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand…the price tag is steep. But so worth it. Hopefully these photos inspire you to plan a Singapore holiday of your own!

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Beautiful architecture near Chinatown
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Hello Marina Bay Sands Hotel!
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Yummy dumpings at a Hawker Center

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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum
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More great architecture near Orchard Road shopping

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FRIENDS TV show theme cafe!

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Night strolling near Clarke Quay
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Street art of Tiong Bahru
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Hindu temple in Little India
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Supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay
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Meeting the Merlion
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Marina Bay Sands and an epic bridge
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Tiong Bahru Market & Hawker Center
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Fresh flower market at Tiong Bahru
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View from above

As you can see, Singapore should not be skipped on any Asian travel itinerary. Though small, it is spectacular.

Here’s three locations I recommend visiting if you are going to Singapore:

Tiong Bahru: This is my favorite neighborhood in Singapore. It feels really Asian and really 1960’s Miami at the same time. It’s a quirky cool hybrid of art deco and brick architecture, with some great landmarks. It’s loaded with great cafes, bookshops, and trendy shops. My favorite market and hawker center are here in Tiong Bahru, and I try and visit this neighborhood every time I am in the city!

Gardens by the Bay: Tucked behind the epic Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a must-see in Singapore. The Gardens by the Bay are a beautifully curated collection of greenery in the urban landscape of Singapore. Parts of the Gardens are only accessible by purchasing a ticket, but plenty are free to walk through and explore. My favorite stop are the SuperTrees, giant futuristic tree towers reaching into the clouds. For a small fee, you can pay to walk the suspension bridge between the trees and see Singapore from new heights. Most evenings, the SuperTrees put on a free laser light show, which is quite enjoyable.

Downtown Riverfront: The area around Clarke Quay is really great, especially at night. It’s alive with lights and sounds. The river itself shines from all the lights. You can take boat tours down the river, or walk it’s banks like we did. There’s tons of restaurants and bars offering so many great options. There’s thrill rides, like bungee swings over the river. With so much to see and do here, you could easily spend a few nights checking it all out.

Here’s my previous blog about seeing Singapore in 3 days if you are looking for a more specific itinerary! 

And if you are traveling through Singapore, here’s some experiences you cannot miss!

Hawker Centers: Singapore can be pricy, and eating out can be an expense. But hawker centers are the best way to dine in the city. A hawker center, which is basically a large food court, is a collection of street food vendors selling all kinds of delicious foods at very cheap prices. And almost every neighborhood in Singapore has a hawker center! Some centers also sell fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, household items, and other things. But the food is really why people stop by. My favorite hawker centers are in Tiong Bahru and the Tekka Center in Little India. Not sure which stall to try? Unsure of which dish to pick?  Find the stall with the longest line, and get the popular dish! Can’t go wrong with a crowd favorite.

Architecture: From Chinatown to Tiong Bahru to Orchard Road and in between, Singapore is full of great architecture. It’s eclectic, creative, modern, ancient and more. I especially love the old colonial style buildings near Chinatown. The buildings are an impressive sight, low slung and colorful along the busy roads with looming skyscrapers and modern apartment buildings looming behind.  Walking these streets are your best bet to see the most of these beautiful streets.


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