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The World Below

The longer I live in Bali, the more I am in awe of the world around me. I thought I knew natural beauty, but I was wrong. America has some epic landscapes, and Florida has killer beaches. But Bali takes my breath away. From the rice fields to the volcano peaks to the Southern cliffs and the coastal shores, it’s magnificent. However, since living in Bali I’ve discovered a new layer to natural beauty…under the ocean’s surface.


We’ve had the privilege of snorkeling some incredible sites in Bali, from Nusa Penida’s Crystal Bay to Manta Point, over to West Bali and even the Gilis off of Lombok’s coast. Each place is unique and different. I’ve seen fish of all colors, and have heard coral crackling with. Did you know that there are blue starfish!? I do now! I’ve seen manta rays as big as a car. I saw a sea turtle just like Finding Nemo. And I’ve found Nemo.

I was never a strong swimmer or lover of the water growing up, but living in Bali has forever changed me. I have become fascinated with the ocean floor, and I will overcome fears and lack of skills to see it. Overcoming these fears of the open ocean, which I’ve always enjoyed from a boat, has been liberating. My husband however has embraced free diving, which is basically extreme snorkeling. I can’t say I’m there yet! But who knows, maybe one day! I’m still not a pro, but I look forward to another chance to snorkel. To see what beauty lies in the world below.

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