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A Year Gone By – Top 15 Moments of 2015

2015 has been an incredible year for me, and for us. It’s been a year of great change, transitions, struggles and triumph. It’s the year we packed our bags, sold our belongings, and moved overseas.

I thought I’d be blogging every step of the way of this new journey. I was expecting so many new experiences that I just couldn’t wait to write them all down. But, the opposite happened. As I immersed and experienced my new life in a new place, I didn’t blog. I couldn’t blog. I had no way of putting into the words the life I was now living. Blogging felt like an unattainable task.

But now, almost 9 months since our move, and approaching a new calendar year, I’m reflecting. Intentionally reflecting. Allowing myself to look back and remember and capture it all. And because I think best in lists, that’s of course, how my reflections evolved.

I intend to blog my top 15 moments of 2015, and with it, hopefully capture the joy we’ve experienced in moving to an unfamiliar land and learning a brand new language. Everything hasn’t been perfect, and maybe I’ll include a blog post or two about our struggles, but overall, I just want to celebrate this year. This year, I accomplished something I’ve never done before. I conquered fears. I stretched myself. I surprised myself. I hope as you read through these blogs with me, you can glimpse a picture of these past 8 months, and all the beauty and wonder they have held.

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