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How Many Showers Have You Taken Today?

I’m from Florida. I get hot weather. I’m used to walking outside and sweating in the heat and the humidity. But typically I’m going outside from my air conditioned home to my air conditioned car and driving to my air conditioned office/store/establishment. But let me tell you what Thailand doesn’t have a lot of…air conditioning. Sure certain shopping malls or restaurants, hotels or apartments might have it, but it’s not an assumed luxury as it would be in Florida. At home, being without air conditioning is a death sentence. While I still think Florida feels hotter than Thailand [blame it on the humidity], I sweat regularly & daily here in Thailand [blame it on the lack of air con].


So, the best way we’ve found to keep cool? Showers. Hot water also being a luxury of some places, a cold shower actually can cool you down quite nicely. And sometimes the water isn’t even cold enough. It’s refreshing and wipes away all the sweatiness from the day, or afternoon. So the secret to staying cool in Thailand? Shower. And often.

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