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Trendy Coffee Shops in Chiang Mai

Coffee Iced

You know those people who live at coffee shops & cafes? Not literally, of course, but they arrive just after lunch, order a bottomless cup of brew, and sit there until dinner time? Well, I’m one of those. I love a good coffee shop. It’s not even just about the coffee, but the whole environment. The designer, artist, creative within me just thrives in an artistic place. A pleasant surprise here in Chiang Mai is that these cute coffee shops are not hard to find! In just a week, I already have two favorite spaces with wifi and delicious drinks & snacks to keep me caffeinated and creative.

The first I found is called House of Love in English. While it sounds sketchy, it is an adorable establishment off the beaten path with a patio garden, an upstairs loft, vintage TV’s & books, and great prices for coffee, tea, lattes & treats. It’s in walking distance from our apartment, and the wifi is free. It’s never crowded, and although I haven’t quite figured out the hours of operation and the barista speaks very little English, it’s a great local coffee spot.  And where I’m currently blogging from.

Garden coffee

vintage TV

coffee bar

coffee bar2

The other I just discovered is a little more touristy & visible. Located at the top floor of the MAYA mall, it’s called CAMP [Creative And Meeting Place]. It’s as if IKEA and the public library in Amsterdam built a   coffee shop. There’s private meeting rooms, and plugs everywhere. There’s a treehouse tower with cushions & seats high above the cafe. There’s the Terrain, where you can sit on giant shelves with built in desks to read or study at. There’s even a terrace to grab some fresh air with a beautiful view of the city. The coffee shop was yummy, but much more pricy. Also, the wifi is only free for 2 hours if you spend 50B [$1.75ish]. But it’s open 24 hours, and has some great air conditioning, and is an escape in the middle of a bustling city.




So this coffee addict is in love with the collection of trendy coffee shops that we’ve discovered, and there’s even more I want to check out. Nothing makes me feel at home in a city more than a creative space to relax and be. Good job, Chiang Mai!

3 thoughts on “Trendy Coffee Shops in Chiang Mai”

  1. Have you found Zion Cafe? It is located behind Pantip Plaza and it is a fun get-a-way and great place to bring friends and kids! There are games which they encourage you to play! Fun fun fun!


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