Life in Asia, Thailand

Makeshift Makeup Corner

A girl on the road sacrifices many “vanities” or comforts of home. A boundless wardrobe is replaced by whatever fits in your suitcase. Shoes are chosen not by fashion, but practicality. And of course, when traveling on a budget, sometimes your accommodations aren’t as convenient as home.

At home, I have a bathroom sink & countertop for doing my makeup & straightening my hair, and a full length mirror to survey my outfit of the day. But this traveling girl takes what she can get these days. Currently, as we crash in a friend’s apartment for 2 weeks, it’s a makeshift vanity that I share with the microwave, toaster & coffeepot.

Makeup Corner

This is also why I always pack a travel mirror, as there’s no outlet in this bathroom. Now I can start each day with hair & makeup in place, and then walk outside to sweat it off and blow it around on the back of a motorbike. Life in Asia is grand.

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