China, Funny & Weird

Where Whiter is Better

Although I’m from Florida, I’m not really tan. I’m actually quite white. I blame my Scandinavian roots. But living in the Sunshine State, I’m smackdab in the center of the Church of Sunbathing. In America, the more tan you are, the more beautiful you are. We pay hundreds for tanning beds & tanning creams. We spend hours and hours laying out in the sun to naturally tan our skin. Regardless of skin cancer warnings and old-age leather skin, we crave the sunshine like we crave water.

In China however, tanner is not better. In fact, the more pale you are, the more beautiful. As darker skin is associated with outdoor manual labor, and therefore, poverty, the more white you are, the better.

Finally! A country that will embrace my pastiness.

In true China style however, it doesn’t just stop with celebrating whiteness. They create it. Beware of purchasing any face soaps or lotions! It probably contains whitener. Oh, China.


IMG_3849 IMG_3847 IMG_3848 IMG_3846

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