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My Must Have Baby Gear for International Travel

Traveling as a mom and traveling with my little one in tow is quite an adjustment. Gone are the days of carry-on, minimalist packing and spontaneity. Now it’s diapers and wet wipes, nap times and nursing. But I wouldn’t change a thing. I had great experiences traveling solo to Cambodia and traveling with friends through… Continue reading My Must Have Baby Gear for International Travel

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Traveling Light:: Part 2 – Clothing

Clothing can make or break your trip. The right clothes allow you to feel beautiful, equipped for the day's adventures, weather-ready, and fashionable. The wrong clothes leave you sweaty [or reversely, freezing], uncomfortable, frumpy, culturally inappropriate or just bored. So I always use a good bit of planning when it comes to clothes I pack.… Continue reading Traveling Light:: Part 2 – Clothing

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Traveling Light:: Part 1 – Luggage

All adventures have a beginning. And ours is in just 5 short days. As we travel through 11 cities in 4 countries over 5 months, we make the bold decision to travel carry-on only. We did it once before, but only for 8 weeks in Europe. This time, we're heading to Southeast Asia, with one… Continue reading Traveling Light:: Part 1 – Luggage