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Traveling Light:: Part 2 – Clothing

Clothing can make or break your trip. The right clothes allow you to feel beautiful, equipped for the day’s adventures, weather-ready, and fashionable. The wrong clothes leave you sweaty [or reversely, freezing], uncomfortable, frumpy, culturally inappropriate or just bored. So I always use a good bit of planning when it comes to clothes I pack. Especially, when I’m only traveling carry-on for 5 months through 4 countries!

Rolled shirts

So some clothing packing tips that I swear by are:

If it can’t match anything else, don’t take it. I embraced the patterned tops with the solid bottoms as my general fashion for this trip. But maybe you love your paisley pants, but I hope you have about 9 shirts that you can rock with it. Same goes for shoes. Could I wear each pair of shoe with any outfit? If it wasn’t “yes” or “probably”, they stay home. Goodbye, yellow polka dotted heels, maybe next time.

Accessories are the spice of life. One thing I don’t skimp on is jewelry. I have a travel jewelry bag that I stuff with my most favorite unique pieces that can inspire any well-worn outfit.

Fabric matters. You know those tags we cut out so they aren’t scratchy on our necks or waist? Well, before you pull out the scissors, read it, and note the fabric blend. Is it 100% polyester? Well, you might melt in some hot climates. Is it 100% cotton? Well, it may take longer to dry in humid climates. I like linens, cotton blends, polyester blends, rayon, and spandex blends. All those add to make some great lightweight, quick drying, fashionable wear!

Research. Yes, even with clothing! Know the country you are traveling, and it’s clothing expectations. As we will be traveling through most of Thailand, this requires that my shoulders & knees are covered when entering temples, etc… Asian cultures are known for appreciating nicer attire, so nothing with holes or trashy images. Anything you wear on the beach shouldn’t be worn in public. So these things also influence a packing list.

Shirt Selection                           Skirt Capri's

So here’s what clothing I am actually packing for this adventure:

4 tanks 
4 crew tee shirts [3 Champion fitness tees, and 1 Ex-Officio quick dry patterned]
7 vnecks [1 Champion yoga tee, 1 Columbia quick dry, 2 Reebok fitness tee, & few extra]
1 button up short sleeve 
2 capris [khaki & gray – both Columbia brand]
1 black soccer shorts 
1 black skirt
1 black beach dress
1 khaki linen shorts
1 leggings
2 bike shorts
Bathing suit
A rain jacket & a track jacket 


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