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New Bali Beach Club on the Block

Soft white sand, rolling ocean waves, looming limestone cliffs and a refreshing infinity swimming pool to take it all in. This is the scene on a typical day Roosterfish Beach Club. Recently, we were down in South Bali visiting some friends and wanted a little bit of beach time. We knew from living in South Bali for over 2 years that the popular beaches like Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu and Uluwatu were always so crowded and therefore rarely enjoyable. So instead we looked at Pandawa Beach, which is located on the most southern coast of Bali and a beach we had not ever visited. Pandawa Beach had just opened it’s first beach club, Roosterfish Beach Club and we were on our way to check it out.

Pandawa Beach Bali

Beach clubs are super common around Bali. Seminyak’s Potato Head Beach Club is world famous. But those party scenes usually aren’t our style, especially as 2 parents in their mid 30’s with an infant. But we love the idea of a beach club. Usually beach clubs offer a huge swimming pool, a restaurant and bar, as well as lounge chairs and umbrellas. And of course, located right on the beach. It’s a great way to experience a Bali beach without getting all sandy and leaving with a third degree from all that equator sunshine. Beach clubs are genius. We couldn’t wait to see what Roosterfish had to offer.

The drive into Pandawa Beach is pretty epic. Giant limestone cliffs line each side of the winding & curving road. You begin at the top of a large hill and snake your day down to the coastline. Pandawa Beach is already a popular stop on the tour bus circuit, and therefore the roads and parking lots are massive. In fact, the Pandawa Public Beach is really touristy. There’s tons of souvenir stalls and food vendors. It’s crowded and confusing. But just down the beach, not even 5 minutes with a motorbike, is Roosterfish. The parking lot was less than a quarter full at 11am on a Saturday. This was our place.

Pandawa Beach

We entered Roosterfish Beach Club through the main dining area. High bamboo ceilings covered the expansive dining room. The fact that there wasn’t walls allowed the ocean breezes to come rolling through. Past the restaurant, there’s a lawn with bean bag chairs and umbrellas. Beyond the lawn, a deck with lounge chairs facing the large infinity pool. Since we decided to start our day on the early side, only a handful of people were even at the Beach Club and we had our choice of seats. From our loungers, we could see the pool and the ocean beyond. Over to the left, we could see the limestone cliffs from which paragliders were soaring over the coastline. The waves crashed and upbeat music played nearby. This would be a relaxing Saturday.

First stop, the pool. I loved the pool floats they provided! Made exactly like a bean bag, these pool floats were the most comfortable pool lounger I’ve ever used. Even baby girl loved these floats! The swim up bar was a nice touch as well. Sitting on submerged stools under a canopy of palm leaves sipping a cold drink is practically the definition of paradise. However, it wasn’t long until our hunger drew us out of the water.

We looked over the menu and recognized many familiar dishes with an Indonesian or Balinese twist. From the Lawar Ayam [Balinese Chicken] salad to the Babi Guiling [Roasted Pork] tacos, my mouths was already watering. We decided on the Ayam Pelalah [Chili Lime Chicken] tacos and the Uluwatu Beef Burger. The tacos had a great blend of spice and seasoning. The beef burger was juicy and flavorful. As much as I love Indonesian and Balinese food, I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving a good taco and a tasty burger. We enjoyed some mixed juices with the meal, and finished feeling refreshed and full.

As lunchtime ended and afternoon approached, Roosterfish Beach Club began to fill up. More and more families were playing in the pool. A group of guys had started a volleyball game on the lawn. A group of girls took selfies from the pool floats. Romantic couples lounged close together. All the chairs were full. I could imagine this place packed at sunset.

We headed back to our friend’s place before the sun started to drop so baby girl could nap and get ready for bed. Even though we were only there a few hours, we loved our Roosterfish Beach Club experience and can’t wait to visit again!

This post was sponsored in part by Roosterfish Beach Club, but as always, the opinions are entirely my own.

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