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Fifteen Photos to Inspire You to Visit China

China is a vast country. It’s the most populous in the world. It can feel overwhelming to think about trying to visit or travel through this incredibly enormous country. But it’s worth it. Here’s some photos to hopefully help inspire your travels through China.

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Great Wall of China near Beijing

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View from the Shanghai Tower
Handmade noodles in Nanning
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Shanghai dumplings
Motorbike parking in Nanning
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Shanghai skyline
Lugu Lake, Yunnan province
Five Elephant Square in Nanning
Green Lake in Kunming
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Nanhu Park in Nanning
Green Mountain Park in Nanning
Lijang River in Guilin

Traveling through China helped me understand Asia better. China has such an influence on the other nations of Southeast Asia, and it wasn’t until I traveled through China that I really understood this. Over the years, more and more Chinese have gotten passports and have begun traveling abroad as well. In Bali where I live, Chinese tourists surpassed all other nationalities visiting Bali in 2016. But no matter where you live, I’m sure you’ll meet Chinese tourists, so why not experience their home country too?! It’s lovely. Here’s three locations I recommend visiting if you are going to China:

  • Shanghai. I loved this city. It’s been compared to New York City, and that’s pretty much how it felt. It’s tall and modern, but surprisingly traditional as well. It’s efficient and fairly clean, and easy to navigate. A river divides to the two halves of the city, and there’s great things to see and do on both sides.
  • Guilin. This a total tourist spot, but worth it. This little town is nestled in the limestone mountains of southern China, and is beautiful. There’s cave tours, bamboo river rides, and performance art. It’s stunning and a national landmark. It’s even on the 20 yuan bill!
  • Beijing. Being the capital city, it’s an important city. And when you are traveling through Beijing, you get a sense of it’s importance. Famous landmarks abound, and culture is around every corner. For a better look at life in China, especially Beijing check out Richelle’s blog Adventures Around Asia.

And if you are traveling through China, here’s some experiences you cannot miss!

  • The Great Wall. It’s not overrated and it’s not too touristy. It’s majestic. Don’t skip it. Complete that bucket list item, and climb that Wall!
  • Eat Chinese food. Nothing about American Chinese food will prepare you for food in China. Don’t ask for Kung Pao chicken and a fortune cookie, it doesn’t exist. But do sample the local cuisine. From hot pot to chicken feet, it’s never dull. Also, brush up on your chopstick skills because forks are hard to find!
  • Stop to Read the Signs. Chinese people are great, but English translation is not their strong suit. If there’s something written in both Chinese and English, be sure to stop and read it, because no doubt it’ll be hilariously wrong. Here’s a few of my favorites…

Enjoy your trip to China!







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