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HOME Vietnamese Restaurant: Restaurant Review


Home Restaurant in Hanoi is a great spot to grab meal in the city, especially if you are looking for a romantic or upscale night out. Located inside of an authentic French colonial home near the West Lake Hồ Tây, the restaurant feels like you are walking into someone’s house. It’s cozy & inviting, it’s well decorated & stylish. You sit down at your table, and are handed a newspaper, which just happens to be the menu.


There’s traditional menu options, or a fixed menu available in case you are feeling indecisive. We went with the fixed menu so we were able to try a variety of dishes. And a variety it was! A surprise favorite was marinated lotus bud with pork & shrimp. I’d never tried lotus bud before, and it was so flavorful and tasty. We had delicious seafood with steamed prawns, stir-fried scallops, steamed squid & oyster and some great pork spare rib and sautéed beef shank. The only down side of the fixed menu is that there were a few items that I probably wouldn’t have chosen. But I think the fixed menu is a great value for the quantity. We ate so much food with the fixed menu. We could have just rolled out of the restaurant.

It’s the little touches that really set this restaurant apart. It is exquisitely styled, from the room with dishes on the wall to the copper fixtures in the restroom. I wanted to see every inch of the building, because it’s stunning. This restaurant also handles large groups well, as we several larger groups dining together, the staff handled the tables with ease. We found out that the managers of Home Restaurant also manage Ngon Villa, which we had also visited and love. I could definitely see the similarities in the two. Home Vietnamese Restaurant is a breath of fresh air compared to the Old Quarter and backpacker bars. The place is classy and well put together. You won’t be disappointed.

This post was sponsored in part by Home Vietnamese Restaurant, but as always, the opinions are entirely my own.

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