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Temple at the Edge of the World

Sometimes the world just ends. Or it feels like it does. When you drive so far, you can’t even see what’s ahead. That’s exactly what we did recently. We drove out to Bali’s famed Uluwatu Temple, perched high on a cliff above the Indian Ocean.

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It’s epic. It’s breathtaking. It’s worthy of every single photo taken there.

As we snapped away, and as we protected our precious belongings from thieving monkeys, I heard the sound of drums. We walked around a corner, and a Balinese Hindu ceremony procession begins entry into the temple. We watched in awe as centuries of cultural tradition & devotion paraded past.


The temple itself isn’t too spectacular. Somewhat small and unimpressive. But with this view, it doesn’t need to be spectacular. How could an architect attempt to overshadow a Creator like this?

You can’t help but feel small when you visit Uluwatu Temple. And in that smallness, we realize the world is not all about us. We recognize what a small part we play in this life. Our problems, which seem so overwhelming and consuming, are merely a drop in this vast ocean. We discover that we are not alone. There are other small people walking this life too. And we can walk together and make it easier for each other. And maybe, make it beautiful for each other too.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

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