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Hope for 2016

IMG_1852A new year is synonymous with new beginnings. Fresh starts. Clean slates. It’s a time of looking back and looking forward. We reflect and cast vision. It’s a chance, for at least one time a year, for self-evaluation.

I was really happy with my 2015. I loved looking back and reflecting with Instagram and blogging. But I’m also really excited about 2016. It’s a year of great possibilities. This will be the longest time I’ve ever spent living outside of the United States, and my longest time living in one location other than Florida.

We’ve started 2016 still in Asia, on the world’s most populous island. We’ve started this year with a refocus and rededication to language learning in our new country. We learn so much everyday about this place we now call home. 2015 was a year of learning and discovering, and I don’t want to lose that “learner” spirit in 2016. I don’t want to get to place where I feel like I’ve learned everything I could about this place. Because I don’t think I ever could.

In addition to being a learner of my new homeland, I’ve made a few other “resolutions” for 2016. In no particular order…

– I want to continue traveling to new places. I have a goal to visit 40 countries before I’m 40 [which is SEVEN years away, ya’ll], and to do that I have to keep looking past my own borders. My goal is for 3 new countries during 2016, and we already have one on the books for March….Singapore!

– I want to read more. I’m a reader by nature. It’s hard to keep me from a good book. And in recent years, I’ve read hundreds of books. During 2016, I’m planning a reading challenge of 80 books, all set in different countries [more on this one later]. It’s sure to be a challenge, but one I’m ready for!

– I want to eat a more balanced diet. I could say I want to eat healthy, but this country fries literally everything. So I’m just going for balanced. Fresh fruit for breakfast and fried chicken for lunch. It’s all about balance. Moderation. I think I can do it.

I want to learn hand-lettering. I love typography and design, and how they blend. I’m inspired by words. I want to create inspiring well-designed words into art. I just bought my first sketchbook and pens, and am ready to give it a go!

– I want to look at my screens less and the people around me more.

– I want to be a supportive sister from 10,000 miles away. My baby sister got engaged last year, and is planning her dream wedding. I’m so happy for her and can’t wait to help anyway I can.

I want to blog and capture memories and moments that make me happy this year.

– I want to learn this language and be able to use it smoothly.

I think these goals are possible and realistic. Without goals, how do you know what you are accomplishing? And if I fail at one or more, I’m not a failure. I’m writing down these goals to inspire me and give me hope. Because what’s a new year without hope?

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