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#3 Street Kids – Top 15 of 2015

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Contrary to what my Instagram, Etsy shop and travel blog portray, we did not move to Asia to become beach bums. While yes, it is beautiful here, there was more purpose behind our radical around the world, America to Asia, move in April. It has everything to do with children.

We moved here to be full-time volunteer with a non-profit, focusing our time & energy into relationship with vulnerable and at-risk children, youth and families. Those who are forgotten and marginalized. Those who are at-risk for exploitation and trafficking. We want to know them and love them and be safe place for them. We want to speak life, value and worth over them. We want to help empower and equip them. We want to inspire them to dream for their futures. We want to see them know freedom.

All this has to start in relationship and in language. Which is why we’ve been working SO HARD to master this new tongue. Some days, we rock it. Some days, we don’t. We also spend a couple days a week teaching in the inner city. We teach English, but using our new language. It’s a challenge and a headache every time, but so worth it. We are learning these kids names and how they are special. We are meeting their parents and giving them birthday gifts. We are encouraging them to learn and stay in school, as an education can decrease their vulnerability. We hang out with kids and moms that beg on the streets. We bring food. We bring games. We bring joy.

Some days, our work is messy and dirty. Some days it’s hard and I cry. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it all. To see a single mother and her children choose life and reshape their destiny, it doesn’t get better than that. We are blessed to be doing this job for this season.

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