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#13 Good Eats – Top 15 of 2015

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We lucked out. This place has some AMAZING food. While I am a huge fan of Asian food, this statement does not cover every country in Asia. [I’m looking at you, China.] But our country, our island, does Asian food right.

Rice is a staple of every meal. White rice, fried rice, coconut rice, yellow rice…there’s options, but there’s always rice. It’s a good thing I like rice. Not only is it tasty and filling, but it also helps minimize the spiciness of other meal items. More than once have I been caught by surprise at level of spicy in the meat or veggies on my plate! Rice is a great mitigator. Speaking of spice, it’ll kick your butt. I can barely stand a teaspoon! My salsa-loving, nacho-devouring days did nothing to prepare me for this amount of spice. But it’s not bland!

The food here manages to blend sweet, spicy and savory in one dish, each flavor being complemented. Beef rendang, mie goreng, nasi kuning, sate ayam, gado-gado, tempe, perkedel….I could keep listing dishes that I have tried and loved, but that would be a long and boring blog.

Instead, I’ll just leave this BuzzFeed video to prove my case…

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