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Fashion for Change

A good fashion company is hard to find. I don’t just mean good fashion, but a good company. One that uses environmentally friendly materials, and one that provides ethical & healthy jobs for it’s employees. And is fashionable. It doesn’t sound like a lot to ask for, but after so many news stories about sweatshops in Asia, apparently it’s a rare thing.

While in Nepal, we’ve been introduced to one of these amazing companies, called Purnaa. They operate right here in Kathmandu, employing local men & women who from situations at risk of exploitation, like human trafficking or domestic violence. They have a beautiful open workspace, great hours and competitive pay.


Currently, Purnaa is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise more awareness about their company and to raise money to increase their product line, job availability, as well as child scholarships & child care for their employees.

I contributed to their campaign, and am getting this totally awesome scarf soon! Check it out so you can get one too, or some other great products!


Similar companies working towards the same goal in Nepal are: 

Beauty for Ashes – selling jewelry, accessories, and household items

Fre3 – selling custom children’s clothing

Happy shopping!

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