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Wedding Crashers

Wedding photos have been a funny experience for me in Asia. Probably one of the funniest moments of my life was when we were asked to be part of a couple’s wedding photos in China. In our jeans and sweaters, holding bouquets of flowers, we proudly smiled next to the beautiful bride & groom. Surreal and hilarious.

IMG_4289 IMG_4282

Well, I kinda had a repeat moment in Bali. Except I wasn’t the one asked to be in the photos. I asked to be in the photos. This incredibly elegant couple were getting their photos taken outside of a gorgeous temple, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I bravely asked the bridesmaid if I could have a photo with her. She graciously agreed, although I was poorly dressed in cut off jean shorts and a tank top! I probably shouldn’t have even been in the temple at all. As much as I try not to look or feel like a tourist, sometimes it just comes out of me. But hey, I got some cool photos of a Balinese couple getting married! And that’s awesome.




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