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One Beautiful Night in Bangkok

As we prepare to leave Thailand soon, I’ve been reflecting on our two months in this beautiful nation, and all the amazing sights we’ve seen. The mountains & the beaches, the elephants & the tigers, and the cities. It’s been wonderful. One the best moments from our time in Thailand was this one night in Bangkok…

We decided to take in a sunset at one of the most famous rooftops in all of Bangkok. Maybe it looks familiar from a little movie called “The Hangover II”. This scene was filmed at the world’s highest rooftop bar, on top of the lebua at State Tower. [It’s the Hangover II, so there’s profanity,etc…]

We went downtown on one of our last night’s in Bangkok to take in the sunset and the city in style. And I’m so glad we did. It was the most beautiful sunset I may have ever seen, and it was the best way to see Bangkok. What a great night!

lebua State Tower

Beginning to set

Us atop

High above

The Dome




deep blue

night sky

Thanks for a great time, Thailand. Military coup and all, it’s been fun! Onwards in Asia we go!

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