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Fueling an Addiction

Sometimes I feel like coffee is my lifeline. At home, I wake up and immediately brew a cup. Or sometimes, my husband will and bring it to me in bed. He’s such a keeper. On the road, I’m no less of a coffee addict. In China, in the frigid winter, I relied on hotel water boilers and individual packs of Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee [with the milk & sugar added right in]. Not as good as the home brewed stuff, but definitely gets the job done.

However, in Thailand, in the hottest months of the year, the last thing I want is a cup of hot coffee. Thankfully, this country is well equipped to supply my coffee addiction. On every street corner, in every town, big or small, there’s coffee carts. In fact, ordering an iced coffee was the second phrase I learned in Thai [hello was the first]. Probably the best moment of ordering an iced coffee was the day they handed it to me in a paper bag. It looked like an IV drip! Which is pretty accurate, knowing my dependency. In a country ruled by the motorbikes, even to-go food & drinks have to accommodate the no cup holder motorbike. I don’t complain. Put my coffee in a cup, in a bag, in a tub or a bowl, I’ll drink it.

Bag of coffee

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