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Travel Days are Here Again!

Bangkok View! All packed and ready to go, we headed to the airport. The excitement of adventure was cut a little short when I found out that we weren’t actually able to fly carry-on with our luggage. All that careful planning only to be thwarted by the Cathay Pacific gate attendants. Oh well. I’m sure other airlines will allow us to fly carry-on [we weren’t over in size, but weight], and I’m still glad that I only have these 2 small bags to lug around with me!

LuggageWith 15 hours to Hong Kong, a 2 hour layover, then 3 hours to Bangkok, we arrive at midnight. And Cathay Pacific loses my husband’s bag. It never left Hong Kong. Oh, yeah, THAT’S WHY we fly carry-on. But we soldier on to our Bangkok hotel for the night, an airport hotel called the Thong Ta Resort & Spa. After we settled into our $24 room at 2am, all worries were forgotten. The complimentary Western breakfast and $10 Thai massage [more on that later] also relieved any troubles the previous day had left.

Thong Ta Resort & Spa

Thong Ta Room   Western breakfast

Another trip to the Bangkok airport proved successful, as we now had my husband’s bag. An hour-long shuttle ride to the OTHER Bangkok airport for our second flight, and we were on our way to Chiang Mai, Thailand on the wonderful AirAsia [got our tickets for $20 each!].

Horizon Village Resort

Settled into our conference hotel, the Horizon Village & Resort, which is amazing. This place is a destination unto itself. Sprawling campus, beautiful accommodations and food to die for. I may never leave. If you can’t find me, I’ll be lounging by one of the three pools.

Horizon Pool

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