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The Right Stuff

Traveling as a minimalist is all about having the right gear. Last year, my husband and I traveled for 8 weeks in Europe in just carry-on luggage. Our friends thought we were nuts. But we loved the freedom of being able to travel on planes, trains, boats & buses with only a bag or two each. So this year, we are challenging ourselves to travel carry-on for our 5 months in Southeast Asia. Clever travel gear has never been more important. Which is why I LOVE Sea to Summit gear. We purchased this backpack for our China trip, and used it so much that we just purchased another messenger bag for our upcoming trip. These bags are incredible. They collapse small enough to attach to a keyring or carabiner, and are so spacious a laptop, camera or groceries can fit inside. Simply brilliant. Will probably be posting many more packing blogs before we leave in two weeks!

S2S Backpack S2S Backpack Compact S2S Messenger Bag S2S Messenger Bag Compact

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