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My Random Life in China

I’m back in America now, and looking back on life in China. It was a great trip, and I experienced a part of the world that was brand new to me. I made friends with people with on the opposite side of the world with the opposite worldview as me. Yet, we became friends. It was amazing. I saw the sights of China that are centuries old, and some that are so beautiful, I feel like nothing could ever compare.

But a whole lot of random stuff random happened to me and my friends in China too. I’ll recap a few of my favorites.

– That one time a power line was down in the middle of the street, so the taxi driver asked my friend to hold it up so we could drive under it…not knowing if it was live or not!


-That one time my friends took me to a cafe, with cats.


-That one time I asked for coffee to go, and they gave it to me in a bag.


-That one time we took a roller coaster up to the Great Wall of China.


-That one time our taxi driver drove down the sidewalk because the street traffic was too congested.


-That one time I saw a guy waiting for a bus with a duck in a bag. 


-And my all time favorite memory, that one time we were asked to be a couple’s wedding photos, simply because we were foreign.

IMG_4282 IMG_4289

China, you were random, but you were good to me!

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