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Golden Moments at the Golden Triangle

A bit of silence lately, but back with the updates. Thailand is just full of beautiful sights, out of the way places, and new experiences to discover. We took a detour after Chiang Rai, and went over to Chiang Khong, then up the Mekong River to Chiang Saen and the Golden Triangle. Neither were on… Continue reading Golden Moments at the Golden Triangle

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Art, Horror & Religion

Skulls. Demons. Screams of anguish. Body parts strewn about. Horns. Dragons. These are things I associate with horror movies & haunted houses, not religious temples. But this is exactly what I encountered at Chiang Rai’s Wat Rong Kuhn, or White Temple. From afar, this structure looks elegant & shapely, with exotic architectural curves perhaps crafted of snow… Continue reading Art, Horror & Religion

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How Many Showers Have You Taken Today?

I’m from Florida. I get hot weather. I’m used to walking outside and sweating in the heat and the humidity. But typically I’m going outside from my air conditioned home to my air conditioned car and driving to my air conditioned office/store/establishment. But let me tell you what Thailand doesn’t have a lot of…air conditioning.… Continue reading How Many Showers Have You Taken Today?

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Photographing Chiang Mai’s Landmarks

I love photography, and I love photographing well-known landmarks in a city. Capturing something familiar and making it your own is such a rush. In Chiang Mai, most of the well-known landmarks are actually Buddhist temples. Today I took the time to photograph the prominent Wat Chedi Luang right in the center of town. Construction… Continue reading Photographing Chiang Mai’s Landmarks

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Wet & Wild Songkran

It’s April in Southeast Asia, and the time to celebrate the New Year is upon us. It’s Songkran time! This is my first time celebrating Songkran, and it’s been an experience that I’ll never forget. While Songkran has been known for it’s water fights, foam parties, and a drunken excuse to not work for a… Continue reading Wet & Wild Songkran

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Tigers and Elephants, Oh My!

Sometimes when you are doing the city thing, shopping malls & coffee shops, it's easy to forget that incredible wilderness and raw adventure is just outside the city limits. This weekend, we decided to escape the city, and see what lay beyond it's borders. And it was epic. We started the morning at Tiger Kingdom, hanging… Continue reading Tigers and Elephants, Oh My!

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Trendy Coffee Shops in Chiang Mai

You know those people who live at coffee shops & cafes? Not literally, of course, but they arrive just after lunch, order a bottomless cup of brew, and sit there until dinner time? Well, I’m one of those. I love a good coffee shop. It’s not even just about the coffee, but the whole environment.… Continue reading Trendy Coffee Shops in Chiang Mai

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Makeshift Makeup Corner

A girl on the road sacrifices many “vanities” or comforts of home. A boundless wardrobe is replaced by whatever fits in your suitcase. Shoes are chosen not by fashion, but practicality. And of course, when traveling on a budget, sometimes your accommodations aren’t as convenient as home. At home, I have a bathroom sink &… Continue reading Makeshift Makeup Corner

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Street Shopping

Is anything as thrilling as shopping at street market while traveling? It’s the chance to discover treasures or trash, a great deal or a terrible rip-off, a keepsake, a memory, or an unforgettable experience. It’s something we rarely embrace or experience in America. Sure we have flea markets [still not sure why that’s what we… Continue reading Street Shopping