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Traveling Light:: Part 3 – Shoes & Accessories

Shoes make the outfit and accessories make the woman. Or something like that. But being a minimalist traveler really cuts into becoming a hoarder of shoes & jewelry. So for this Southeast Asia trip, I kept it simple. I'm bringing just 3 pairs of shoes. For 5 months. The woman in me wants variety, while… Continue reading Traveling Light:: Part 3 – Shoes & Accessories

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Where Did I Leave My Heels?

Out and about in Beijing has been quite enjoyable. What a busy, bustling city! We’ve seen the sights…the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square. I’m captivated by new sights, new smells and new tastes. And of course, as a female traveler, I’m always curious by the fashion in new cities. And Beijing has… Continue reading Where Did I Leave My Heels?