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Read, Watch Listen: My Favorites of 2018

While I love blogging and creating content, I don’t know if anything is more entertaining than consuming good content. Whether nonfiction or fiction, narrative or journalistic, I love a story that is well written, well edited, well produced. This year, I seemed to take in many more podcasts than normal and less books. But that… Continue reading Read, Watch Listen: My Favorites of 2018

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8 Books That Will Inspire Wanderlust This Summer

Can reading be an addiction? If so, I’m addicted to reading. For multiple years in a row I’ve completed reading challenges of over 50 books a year. Back in 2013 and again now in 2016, I’ve been doing a travel-themed reading challenge called Around the World in 80 Books. As I read books set in… Continue reading 8 Books That Will Inspire Wanderlust This Summer

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Ready for Adventure | Reading for Adventure

“Books are the carriers of civilization…They are companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of the mind. Books are humanity in print.” Barbara W. Tuchman  I’m a reader and I’m a traveler. I’ve visited 25 countries so far, and countless more in the books I read. I think reading has the ability to transport you… Continue reading Ready for Adventure | Reading for Adventure

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Hope for 2016

A new year is synonymous with new beginnings. Fresh starts. Clean slates. It’s a time of looking back and looking forward. We reflect and cast vision. It’s a chance, for at least one time a year, for self-evaluation. I was really happy with my 2015. I loved looking back and reflecting with Instagram and blogging.… Continue reading Hope for 2016

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Reading & Traveling – The Year of 100 Books

I can say that 2014 has not only been the year in which I've visited the most countries, but also the year that I've read the most books. I read ALOT when I travel. Plane rides, bus rides, layovers, and inevitable delays provide ample opportunities to read while traveling. I primarily read on my Kindle,… Continue reading Reading & Traveling – The Year of 100 Books

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Reading on the Road: My Top 10

For some reason, I read the most while traveling. Maybe it's because I'm not working my 9am - 5pm [or 10pm] job at home, but I just find that I read furiously while traveling. And since I'm traveling so much this year, I ambitiously gave myself a goal for 100 books this year. And I… Continue reading Reading on the Road: My Top 10


If We Survive the Thai Coup

I’m in Thailand and there was just a military coup. After the Prime Minister was removed from office a week or so ago, the military initiated martial law, and then finally, a coup. There’s nightly curfews and TV stations are blocked. I’ve never been in a country during a conflict, definitely not one at the… Continue reading If We Survive the Thai Coup

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My Fieldwork & My Mission

My favorite book of my 2013 Around the World Reading Challenge was Fieldwork by Mischa Berlinski, set in Northern Thailand, which we just left! It’s the story of missionaries. It’s the story of anthropology. And it’s the story of murder. It’s just great. I was so fascinated by the story of this missionary family, living… Continue reading My Fieldwork & My Mission

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Finding the Lost Girls

In case you haven’t realized it yet, I’m a HUGE reader. I love books, reading, and getting lost in a great story. I probably read more fiction than non-fiction, but I’m always up for a good story. Last year’s reading adventures took me around the world, with 80 books taking me to 80 nations. This… Continue reading Finding the Lost Girls

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A Small Woman’s Legacy

In preparing for my trip to China, I wanted to read as much as I could about this nation. I wanted to read biographies and fictional tales. One of my favorite biographies that I read was about Gladys Aylward, a British Christian missionary to China who helped end the tragic foot-binding of women, and became… Continue reading A Small Woman’s Legacy