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My New Asian Home

Sometimes, I thought the travel would never end. The flights, the layovers, the waiting and the hoping. But finally, after 30+ hours of travel…we arrived. It was April 1st, a fool’s day to some, but a landmark to us. This dream had become reality. Since our grand adventure last year, we had been taking steps… Continue reading My New Asian Home

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Season of Changes

I’m a Florida girl living in a snow globe. My Michigan husband has brought me home for the month of March to visit with family & friends before our big move to Asia. When we left Florida it was 75F, and it is now averaging 20F in Michigan. My blood is far too thin for… Continue reading Season of Changes

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An American Girl Moves to Asia

What a year this has been. Never did I think how many adventures we'd have. Even when you plan a whole trip, and know your stops and goals, there's still the unknown. I wasn't sure if I would keep blogging here after this year, because it was a pretty specific blog idea, just the writings… Continue reading An American Girl Moves to Asia