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My Must Have Baby Gear for International Travel

Traveling as a mom and traveling with my little one in tow is quite an adjustment. Gone are the days of carry-on, minimalist packing and spontaneity. Now it’s diapers and wet wipes, nap times and nursing. But I wouldn’t change a thing. I had great experiences traveling solo to Cambodia and traveling with friends through… Continue reading My Must Have Baby Gear for International Travel

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Packing & Repacking

I consider myself a bit of a packing wizard. We traveled 8 weeks in Europe just in carry-on luggage, and now we are doing the same thing though Southeast Asia. I wrote a few blog posts at the beginning of our trip about my packing strategy and plans. Now, 6 months later, looking back on… Continue reading Packing & Repacking

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Traveling Light:: Part 4 – Toiletries

This can truly be the most challenging part of packing for us ladies. We all have products that we are devoted to using for our hair, for our face, and on our bodies. But sometimes we have to sacrifice these favorites & preferences for the experience of traveling. And definitely for the ease of traveling… Continue reading Traveling Light:: Part 4 – Toiletries

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Traveling Light:: Part 3 – Shoes & Accessories

Shoes make the outfit and accessories make the woman. Or something like that. But being a minimalist traveler really cuts into becoming a hoarder of shoes & jewelry. So for this Southeast Asia trip, I kept it simple. I'm bringing just 3 pairs of shoes. For 5 months. The woman in me wants variety, while… Continue reading Traveling Light:: Part 3 – Shoes & Accessories

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Traveling Light:: Part 1 – Luggage

All adventures have a beginning. And ours is in just 5 short days. As we travel through 11 cities in 4 countries over 5 months, we make the bold decision to travel carry-on only. We did it once before, but only for 8 weeks in Europe. This time, we're heading to Southeast Asia, with one… Continue reading Traveling Light:: Part 1 – Luggage

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The Right Stuff

Traveling as a minimalist is all about having the right gear. Last year, my husband and I traveled for 8 weeks in Europe in just carry-on luggage. Our friends thought we were nuts. But we loved the freedom of being able to travel on planes, trains, boats & buses with only a bag or two… Continue reading The Right Stuff