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My Top 2015 Moments of 2015

As New Year’s Eve approaches and 2016 draws near, I finish blogging a series on my top 15 moments of 2015. This has been an incredible year. I can’t think of another year of my life that has been filled with so much accomplishment, first times, victories and significance. I loved writing these posts, creating… Continue reading My Top 2015 Moments of 2015

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#2 Facing Fears – Top 15 of 2015

I’m sure that past blog posts have made me sound like a water-loving, beach babe. From Florida to the South Pacific, beaches, islands and infinity pools, my life revolves around water. However, don’t be fooled. I’m actually not a great swimmer. It rather terrifies me. I have this pesky fear of drowning. So inconvenient. I… Continue reading #2 Facing Fears – Top 15 of 2015