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Mushroom Espresso: Coffee Shop Review

Wherever I travel, I’m always on the lookout for one type of place. A good coffeeshop. True, I am not a straight black cup of joe kinda girl, I enjoy a little flair with my brew. After staying on Bali’s island paradise, Nusa Lembongan for a couple nights and only being offered instant coffee mix… Continue reading Mushroom Espresso: Coffee Shop Review

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Eating Our Way Around Yogyakarta 

I could write a love story about coffee & food. A young iced latte meets a strong dark roast and it’s love at first sight, they live happily ever after at a trendy cafe that is regularly Instagrammed by hipsters. I love the search of a great restaurant or cafe, and the satisfying meal to… Continue reading Eating Our Way Around Yogyakarta 

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9 Things I Loved in Nepal [that aren’t Mt. Everest]

Nepal was a surprisingly amazing country. It was also probably my favorite to photograph. Everything from the scenery, to the architecture, to the people, it was absolutely beautiful. We primarily stayed in Kathmandu, and never got to see Nepal's claim to fame, Mount Everest, but the things we saw inspired us and changed us. So… Continue reading 9 Things I Loved in Nepal [that aren’t Mt. Everest]

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Trendy Coffee Shops in Chiang Mai

You know those people who live at coffee shops & cafes? Not literally, of course, but they arrive just after lunch, order a bottomless cup of brew, and sit there until dinner time? Well, I’m one of those. I love a good coffee shop. It’s not even just about the coffee, but the whole environment.… Continue reading Trendy Coffee Shops in Chiang Mai