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Top 10 Favorite Places I’ve Visited in Asia…So Far!

Asia is such a fascinating continent. It’s wildly diverse. It’s mountainous, tropical, rural, urban, populous, remote, affordable, expensive, naturally stunning and architecturally beautiful...all at once! I first visited Asia in 2005 when I traveled to India. I immediately overwhelmed by new sights, smells, tastes and sounds. And I also immediately in love with Asia. I… Continue reading Top 10 Favorite Places I’ve Visited in Asia…So Far!

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Fifteen Photos to Inspire You to Visit China

China is a vast country. It's the most populous in the world. It can feel overwhelming to think about trying to visit or travel through this incredibly enormous country. But it's worth it. Here's some photos to hopefully help inspire your travels through China. Traveling through China helped me understand Asia better. China has such… Continue reading Fifteen Photos to Inspire You to Visit China

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Remembering the [Chinese] New Year

This week most of Asia is ringing in the Lunar New Year. Last year, I found myself in China right in the middle of these celebrations. Before China, I thought I had seen fireworks. I thought I had celebrated a new year. I thought it was just another holiday. But I was wrong. In China, the… Continue reading Remembering the [Chinese] New Year

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Road Trip to Tibet

"We'll see how far we can get." That's what our host told us when we talked about driving outside of Kathmandu Valley for the day. In monsoon season in Southern Asia, that may actually not be very far. But we were ambitious. We were hopeful. We were aiming for Tibet. Tibet is one of those… Continue reading Road Trip to Tibet

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Gorgeous Guilin

If I discovered paradise in China, it'd be in Guilin. This mountainous wonderland should be experienced by anyone who travels to China. The peaked mountains, the lush greenery, the cozy cafes, the obvious souvenir tourist traps, it's just great. We spent just 3 days in Guilin, specifically Yongshua, which is the most touristy part of… Continue reading Gorgeous Guilin

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The Upside of Squatting

You haven't really experienced Asia until you've experienced a squat toilet, or a squattie pottie. It's about as glamorous as it sounds! The ceramic toilet bowl [if you're lucky] is embedded in the floor, and you literally squat over it to do your business. It's definitely not what I'm used to, and I could probably… Continue reading The Upside of Squatting


Not Suitable for Grammar Girls

So, we've been in China a month now, and I've discovered so much greatness about this country. Delicious food, breathtaking nature, amazing architecture, and incredible history. However, one thing China lacks is adequate English translation.  I've met some great English speakers, so it's quite baffling how poorly signs are being translated to English. I guess… Continue reading Not Suitable for Grammar Girls