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Temple at the Edge of the World

Sometimes the world just ends. Or it feels like it does. When you drive so far, you can’t even see what’s ahead. That’s exactly what we did recently. We drove out to Bali’s famed Uluwatu Temple, perched high on a cliff above the Indian Ocean. It’s epic. It’s breathtaking. It’s worthy of every single photo taken… Continue reading Temple at the Edge of the World

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Becoming Beautiful in Bali

In high school, I attended my friend’s quinceañera for her 15th birthday. I still remember that party, and how lavish it all was. It was all so foreign and so fascinating. Each of the “court”, similar to bridesmaids at a wedding, were escorted in in beautifully bright party dresses. Then the birthday girl looked like… Continue reading Becoming Beautiful in Bali

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#14 Discovering Beauty – Top 15 of 2015

I’m a beach girl for sure. I grew up in Central Florida, and some of America’s most spectacular shores were always nearby. My husband grew up on Lake Michigan, and spent his summers sailing the beautiful waters of our country’s largest lake. We are seascape and ocean breeze people. So moving to a tropical island… Continue reading #14 Discovering Beauty – Top 15 of 2015

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Sunsets, Beauty & Mystery

What it is about a beautiful sunset that stops us in our tracks? Why do we all grab our cameras when the sky lights up with bright pinks, deep oranges, fiery reds, and electric yellow? A good sunset is a mystery. We never know when it'll happen, or if we'll ever see it again. And… Continue reading Sunsets, Beauty & Mystery

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Beauty Around the World

I took this photo in a village in East Bali, and was captured by the beauty of these women. Their smiles, their colorful fabrics, and their obvious closeness. As I’ve traveled through Asia this year, I’ve been struck with the beauty of the women around me.  I've started to examine the idea of beauty I've grown… Continue reading Beauty Around the World

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Bali Off the Beaten Path

Bali is a magical place. So many adventures to be had. So many sights to see. From beaches, to sunsets, to the food, and the architecture, it’s a breathtaking place. We finally made it up to Ubud this time, which proved to full even of more adventures. We motorbiked up from Jimbaran Bay, which was… Continue reading Bali Off the Beaten Path

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Bali Beyond the Beaches

As I mentioned in my previous post about Bali, it was a short trip, and we didn't venture further than south Kuta. But even in those few days, the beauty I discovered in Bali reached way past the beaches. Sure, the shores are breathtaking, but almost pales in comparison to the richness of culture &… Continue reading Bali Beyond the Beaches

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One Beautiful Night in Bangkok

As we prepare to leave Thailand soon, I've been reflecting on our two months in this beautiful nation, and all the amazing sights we've seen. The mountains & the beaches, the elephants & the tigers, and the cities. It's been wonderful. One the best moments from our time in Thailand was this one night in… Continue reading One Beautiful Night in Bangkok

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Thailand’s Turquoise Waters

As we traveled further south in Thailand to Pattaya for a few days, we  took the chance to take in some sun at the nearby island of Koh Larn, on Tien Beach. Turquoise waters, white sand, gently breaking was picture perfect. My first Thailand island was a success. We spent the day lounging on… Continue reading Thailand’s Turquoise Waters