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New Bali Beach Club on the Block

Soft white sand, rolling ocean waves, looming limestone cliffs and a refreshing infinity swimming pool to take it all in. This is the scene on a typical day Roosterfish Beach Club. Recently, we were down in South Bali visiting some friends and wanted a little bit of beach time. We knew from living in South… Continue reading New Bali Beach Club on the Block

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#7 Paradise Found – Top 15 of 2015

Somedays, it feels like we live in paradise. Movies are filmed here, books are written here, couples honeymoon here, and starlets escape here. It really can feel like paradise on earth. But then, I get stuck in a traffic jam breathing the exhaust of a tourist bus sitting next to burning trash by the side… Continue reading #7 Paradise Found – Top 15 of 2015

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Top 5 Things I’m Excited for Life in Asia

Next week, we leave for Southeast Asia, our new home. It feels surreal and so close. We’ve been preparing for awhile, and now we it’s almost here. We have a week left in America, and in addition to packing, organizing and hanging out with family & friends, I’ve been processing what exactly I’m most excited about… Continue reading Top 5 Things I’m Excited for Life in Asia

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Surf, Sand & Sayulita

Life in Sayulita, Mexico feels like an eternal vacation. The tiny beach village on Mexico's Pacific coast was really "discovered" in the late 1960's, as a newly constructed Mexican highway brought in wandering surfers. Even now in 2015, the town feels like it's been stuck in the 60's and the surfers still run the place.… Continue reading Surf, Sand & Sayulita

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8 Things I Loved in Thailand

Memories, moments, photos and souvenirs. I can make lists of the things I loved in Thailand, but I know I won't forget, because they are part of me now. 8. Mekong River Boat Ride to Laos Up at the Golden Triangle in Northern Thailand, as you gaze across into Myanmar & Laos, you can rent… Continue reading 8 Things I Loved in Thailand

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Thailand’s Turquoise Waters

As we traveled further south in Thailand to Pattaya for a few days, we  took the chance to take in some sun at the nearby island of Koh Larn, on Tien Beach. Turquoise waters, white sand, gently breaking was picture perfect. My first Thailand island was a success. We spent the day lounging on… Continue reading Thailand’s Turquoise Waters