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8 Things Everyone Must Know About Me

Even after almost a year and a half of living in Indonesia, I still have moments of feeling like a stranger in a strange land. I never blend in, and I always stand out. But I also live in a beautifully relational country. So instead of just staring at me like a stranger, I regularly… Continue reading 8 Things Everyone Must Know About Me

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Milestone: a stone functioning as a milepost. Guys, we’ve officially lived in Asia for ONE YEAR. It’s been one year of learning a new language, learning a new culture, living life and making friends. It’s been challenging, and it’s been wonderful. It’s been hot, and it’s been fun. We’ve seen our conversation abilities grow by… Continue reading Milestone.

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Seeing Singapore in 3 Days

Singapore is a crossover city. It’s East meets West, it’s modern meets traditional, and it’s glam meets gritty. The former British city-country is known for it’s clean streets, intense traffic, high prices, and good food. So I wasn’t sure what to expect when we booked our trip to Singapore this year for our visa renewal trip.… Continue reading Seeing Singapore in 3 Days

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Becoming Beautiful in Bali

In high school, I attended my friend’s quinceañera for her 15th birthday. I still remember that party, and how lavish it all was. It was all so foreign and so fascinating. Each of the “court”, similar to bridesmaids at a wedding, were escorted in in beautifully bright party dresses. Then the birthday girl looked like… Continue reading Becoming Beautiful in Bali

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We Are Not Afraid

A few days ago, Jakarta was stunned by terror attacks. According to news reports, 6 explosions were set off Thursday morning in the heavily populated capital city of Indonesia. Witnesses recount attackers riding into downtown on motorbikes with rifles and open firing. There’s still been conflicting reports regarding the number of victims and injured, but… Continue reading We Are Not Afraid

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A Year Gone By – Top 15 Moments of 2015

2015 has been an incredible year for me, and for us. It’s been a year of great change, transitions, struggles and triumph. It’s the year we packed our bags, sold our belongings, and moved overseas. I thought I’d be blogging every step of the way of this new journey. I was expecting so many new… Continue reading A Year Gone By – Top 15 Moments of 2015

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My New Asian Home

Sometimes, I thought the travel would never end. The flights, the layovers, the waiting and the hoping. But finally, after 30+ hours of travel…we arrived. It was April 1st, a fool’s day to some, but a landmark to us. This dream had become reality. Since our grand adventure last year, we had been taking steps… Continue reading My New Asian Home

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Top 5 Things I’m Excited for Life in Asia

Next week, we leave for Southeast Asia, our new home. It feels surreal and so close. We’ve been preparing for awhile, and now we it’s almost here. We have a week left in America, and in addition to packing, organizing and hanging out with family & friends, I’ve been processing what exactly I’m most excited about… Continue reading Top 5 Things I’m Excited for Life in Asia

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Season of Changes

I’m a Florida girl living in a snow globe. My Michigan husband has brought me home for the month of March to visit with family & friends before our big move to Asia. When we left Florida it was 75F, and it is now averaging 20F in Michigan. My blood is far too thin for… Continue reading Season of Changes