Great Adventures Ahead

Things have been a bit quiet here on my blog over the past month, but for a good reason. We’re in the process of preparing for a pretty great adventure!


Yes, we recently found out & announced that we are expecting our first child later this year. It’s very exciting, and already impacting how we travel!

While we have a few more months to enjoy Bali & Southeast Asia, we are heading back to the States for the birth and first few months of baby’s life. But, we’ll be back to Asia in 2018 as a family of three. We’ve loved making a life here, and will continue to do so with our little one!


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JoyFilledWander Snaps

Hey all you snappy SnapChatters out there! I’m giving this SnapChat thing a try! I recently discovered some of the great travel bloggers out there using SnapChat, like Expat Edna, Mark Wiens, and Drew “the Hungry Partier” Binsky. They are rocking it on SnapChat with more stories, photos and videos from the road. SnapChat has become a new way to see “behind the scenes” of someone’s life with it’s unedited raw life moments. I also have enjoyed the SnapChat community. I’ve reached out to some of these popular Snappers, and have gotten such personal responses. I’ve spent time in real life with fellow Snap-Travelers, and it’s just a unique community.  So I’m jumping in and adding my stories to the world. Follow along my SnapChat for stories from this American girl living life in Asia!

Things you’ll see on my SnapChat…


Culture Moments!

Foodie Love!

Volunteering Stories!

Glimpses into my new normal!

Things to inspire YOU to travel!

Oh, and my own geofilter for my neighborhood beach!

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Happy Snapping!