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An American Girl Moves to Asia

What a year this has been. Never did I think how many adventures we’d have. Even when you plan a whole trip, and know your stops and goals, there’s still the unknown. I wasn’t sure if I would keep blogging here after this year, because it was a pretty specific blog idea, just the writings of an American girl in Asia. I guess I could be an American girl in America blogger, but I don’t think that’s quite as unique. However, as things go, I will once again be an American girl in Asia come 2015, but this time it’ll be a little different.

My husband and I are MOVING to Southeast Asia in March 2015. That’s right, moving. Packing up and selling our American life, and moving in checked luggage in just a few short months. See that was actually part of our grand 2014 travels. We were considering a move, but wanted to check it out before pulling the trigger. After much research, thought and consideration, we decided to do it.

We work for a Christian non-profit here in the States, and we have the opportunity to transfer to one of their Asia locations to continue volunteering in an area we are passionate, which is human trafficking prevention. While we saw so much beauty and life on our travels through Asia, we also a lot of darkness and injustice. Our faith demands that we are not passive when we see injustice. Now I don’t think everyone should move to Asia to fight an injustice they are passionate about. But that’s what we felt is right for us. Here’s our website with more about the work we do!

So I’m excited to continue blogging as we prepare to move in the coming months, and then transition to life in Asia. We are going to begin immersing in language & culture learning, so I’m sure there will be some laugh out loud moments to come. I hope that my stories can continue to bring joy and share life from Asia.

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