If We Survive the Thai Coup

bangkok at night

I’m in Thailand and there was just a military coup. After the Prime Minister was removed from office a week or so ago, the military initiated martial law, and then finally, a coup. There’s nightly curfews and TV stations are blocked. I’ve never been in a country during a conflict, definitely not one at the beginnings of a military coup [well, I suppose rumblings have been happening since November 2013, but still…]. It’s both unsettling and unnoticeable. I feel like it should be the plot of an adventure novel. Oh wait, it is.

if we survive

I just finished reading Andrew Klaven’s If We Survive, which tells the story of a group of teens on a mission trip to a Central American country on the brink of a revolution. The revolution happens while they are still in the country, and they are on the run for their lives from the militant rebels. It puts ordinary American teens… some selfish, some self-righteous…in a completely unknown and unsafe situation. It challenges their view of morality as well as their comfort levels.

Thankfully, life is not imitating fiction in this situation. Although the Thai coup is very real, it has also been relatively peaceful. While we are far from the capital, we have felt little change. We are not scared or unsafe, and are enjoying our final few days in Thailand. The rain is more of an inconvenience than the coup. But we are continuing to pray for the country, and it’s leaders & military. Praying for a peaceful resolution of the conflict and for peace among the people. Meanwhile, you can find me on the beach, waiting out the coup…


Thai police hard at work in Phuket the night before the coup.thai military

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